Ms. Beucler's E-Learning Schedule


8:51-10:19 Prep

9:37-10:19-Ag Metals

10:23-11:04 Small Engines

11:08-11:54 Lunch/Prep

11:58-12:39 Exploring Ag and the Trades

12:43-1:25 STEM 7

1:29-2:11 Agriculture 8

2:15-2:57 OJT

If you have a question for me, please call (507) 671-1543 during your respective class time if possible. You can also email me with non-urgent questions at any time (I will respond fairly quick) or to set up a one-on-one video conference if needed. Please watch emails and Moodle for updates and what needs to be done each week.

E-Learning Expectations

  • Check your emails daily
  • Log into Moodle at least every 2-3 school days if not daily
  • Use appropriate email etiquette in your communications (greeting, proper grammar, closing, etc.)
  • Use common decency in any group chats/class interactions (language, behavior, etc.)
  • If doing a lab based activity, follow directions for how to display results of the lab, either via progress pictures or final result pictures/videos. These should be emailed to me for ease of grading/viewing
  • Email/call when questions arise at appropriate times of the day

May the odds be ever in your favor :)